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Multidisciplinary rounds require a multi-pronged approach.

Q-rounds combines clinical decision support, patient engagement and telehealth technology into a single solution.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support Technology (CDST) is a category of healthcare IT systems and tools designed to assist healthcare providers in making well-informed decisions about patient care. Q-rounds leverages AI to support the provider’s own decision making, in marking patients as high priority and ready to discharge, reducing the cognitive load and increasing efficiency.

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Patient Engagement Technology

Patient Engagement Technology aims to enhance the patient-provider relationship, which leads to better health outcomes, improved satisfaction, and more efficient healthcare delivery. With Q-rounds, patients and their families can see their place in the queue, fill out real-time surveys, and communicate with their care team letting them know if they’ll attend rounds by submitting an RSVP.

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Q-rounds brings telehealth to the bedside by bringing in an interpreter and families who aren’t able to be at the hospital, eliminating language and transportation barriers, and easing the economic pressure from being absent from work.

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