Q-rounds is revolutionizing healthcare delivery through seamless rounding coordination for HCOs.

Unlock the benefits of bringing Q-rounds into your rounding workflow.

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) can significantly benefit from implementing a virtual queue that ensures everyone on the care team knows when to be present for patient rounds. By seamlessly coordinating schedules, HCOs can optimize workflow efficiency and improve the employee experience so healthcare professionals can plan their activities more effectively and deliver timely care with less disruption. Q-rounds is a virtual queue empowering care teams to collaborate seamlessly, fostering a cohesive and supportive work environment that ultimately leads to better patient outcomes and increased staff satisfaction.

Improved Operations

Q-rounds streamlines the rounding process to ensure efficient use of provider and nurse time.

Improved Efficiency
Increased throughput
Better resource allocation

Of hospital work staff say they don’t have enough time to sufficiently meet patient engagement and education needs.

Patient Care

Q-rounds improves the patient experience to increase patient satisfaction scores.

In value-based care models, reimbursement is tied to care quality and patient outcomes, which means that HCOs need to increase their patient satisfaction scores to avoid reduced payments or penalties. Payors emphasize the necessity for HCOs to enhance patient experiences, making it a vital aspect of delivering high-quality care. By elevating patient satisfaction scores, HCOs align with the patient-centered focus that value-based reimbursement systems require.

Reduce medical errors
Drive quality outcomes
Increase patient satisfaction

Of families who have used Q-rounds indicated they would want the next hospital their loved one was at to have Q-rounds.

Care Team

Q-rounds supports care teams to alleviate the cognitive load in and out of the hospital.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Improved collaboration among healthcare teams leads to better communication, shared knowledge, and coordinated decision-making. This synergy enhances patient care quality, reduces medical errors, and promotes a supportive work environment where specialists can collectively contribute their expertise for comprehensive care delivery.

Reduced Screen Time

Q-rounds is a technology that reduces screen time even while using the app, benefiting providers by minimizing cognitive load and visual strain, enhancing their focus on patient interaction and clinical decision-making. This shift fosters more efficient and meaningful patient-provider interactions, ultimately improving the quality of care they can deliver.

Improved work-life Balance

Healthcare’s demanding schedules strain employees’ work-life balance. Optimizing workflows and fostering collaboration creates more efficient processes that allow professionals to complete their tasks more efficiently and even get home sooner. Reducing carry-over stress from work so they can give at home family time and personal hobbies the attention they deserve.


Q-rounds supports existing initiatives and revenue opportunities.

Quicker Bed Turnover

Q-rounds enhances care coordination and decision-making, leading to more efficient patient management. This collaborative approach expedites treatment plans so healthcare organizations can achieve significant cost-efficiency improvements and maximize their capacity to admit new patients.

Billing Accuracy

Accurate data on time spent with each patient offers a precise service record. Q-rounds’ detailed time stamps validate billed services, ensuring equitable reimbursement, financial stability, and regulatory compliance.

Increased Consultant REVENUE

Leveraging data available in the patient’s chart, Q-rounds can nudge rounding providers to include consulting specialists during rounds. Increasing collaboration among the care team, and increasing revenue for consulting services.

TEchnology ROI

Maximizing the value of existing tools is vital for HCOs to optimize their investments and enhance operational efficiency.

Increase Value of Existing Tools

Incorporating Q-rounds can synergize existing systems, improving overall coordination and communication while delivering even greater benefits to patient care and staff satisfaction.