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Fulfilling CEO Tech Wish list by Revolutionizing the Rounding Experience

Amidst the dynamic changes in healthcare, strategic technology investments play a pivotal role in reshaping the delivery of care. A recent article from Becker's Health IT sheds light on the technology wishlist of health system CEOs, highlighting key priorities for the next 12 months. Q-rounds™, with its innovative approach to patient experience and seamless integrations, emerges as a solution addressing multiple items on the CEO's tech wish list.

Seamless Care Coordination Applications

John Couris, CEO of Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital says “...we must effectively coordinate all of the care patients receive so that they move through the system without friction…”

By bringing all stakeholders together for daily rounds, nurses, consultants and families are able to participate in health updates and care decisions more efficiently. And with AI-assisted decision-making,  Q-rounds marks patients as high priority or ready for discharge, creating a rounding queue that aligns with the healthcare system's need for innovation and effectiveness.

Drivers of Elite Patient Experience

Nancy Howell Agee, CEO of Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Va., sees successful health systems being hyer-focused on the patient journey, prioritizing easy access to care and a great experience. "We'll eliminate wait times and use technology that streamlines processes. As healthcare leaders, innovation is in the DNA of every one of us.”

Q-rounds™ aligns seamlessly with the vision of delivering an elite patient experience. Real-time updates and notifications ensure that patients, families, and care teams are informed about rounding schedules, eliminating wait times and enhancing overall patient satisfaction. The technology empowers healthcare leaders with user-friendly tools, contributing to a future where care is convenient, easy to access, and technologically advanced.

"Meeting patients where they are, when and how they want to interact with us as a health system will be imperative for health systems to continue to be relevant amidst the consumer-focused new market entrants." Says Lynne Fiscus, MD, president and CEO of UNC Physicians Network in Durham, N.C.,

Automation Everywhere

Mark Behl, president and CEO of NorthBay Health in Fairfield, Calif., tells Beckers he is prioritizing automation to become more efficient and support the workforce. He said healthcare is at an inflection point, and leaders are searching for "imagination, bold ideas and the courage to think differently" in the next few years to redesign the healthcare system.

Automating healthcare brings opportunity for efficiency, but also can disconnect providers from their teams and patients. Q-rounds is unique in its ability to bring automation to the bedside in a way that enhances human connection, instead of replacing it. 

Technology to Support the Workforce

“Staffing shortages are not new by any means, however, they have been exacerbated by growing demand for healthcare availability largely driven by an aging population and an increasing need for healthcare at all levels," Joseph Webb, CEO of Nashville General Hospital, told Becker's.

Q-rounds™ offers a transformative solution to support the healthcare workforce. By automating the inclusion of nurses and families during daily rounds, Q-rounds optimizes efficiency without burdening providers with the responsibility of notifying everyone when to be present for rounds. Through real-time updates and communication, Q-rounds fosters a routine connection between healthcare professionals and the families of their patients. This not only contributes to the effectiveness of care delivery but also underscores the human-centric approach that is integral to provider wellbeing. According to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, the implementation of Q-rounds resulted in a remarkable 247% increase in nurse attendance and a 197% increase in family attendance during rounds, attesting to its positive impact on healthcare engagement.

Health Equity and Population Health Boosters

“Hospitals and health systems refocused on closing the gaps in health disparities and delivering customized population health solutions to their communities during the pandemic. There is huge momentum to continue and grow these efforts as technology makes them easier and more affordable.” Jill Hoggard Green, PhD, RN, president and CEO of The Queen's Health System in Honolulu, sees AI technologies revolutionizing healthcare and moving the needle with health equity.

Q-rounds™ contributes to the ongoing efforts to reduce health disparities and enhance population health. Language barriers can significantly impact the healthcare experiences of children particularly when their caregivers prefer languages other than English. In a recent study published in Pediatrics, the association between caregiver non-English language preference and increased healthcare utilization for children was explored. To prevent an inequitable experience for patients of caregivers who prefer another language other than English Q-rounds helps break through language barriers and eliminate the added time waiting for an interpreter by automating their inclusion based on data available in the EHR. A family member can also request an interpreter be added to rounds and RSVP to let the team know if they’ll attend in person or virtually. 

In conclusion, Q-rounds™ emerges as a transformative solution that seamlessly integrates with the CEO tech wishlist outlined by Becker's Health IT. By prioritizing patient care, efficiency, and innovation, Q-rounds™ is a valuable resource in the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery.