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Healthcare Catches up to the Deli Counter with Time Transparency™

Chelsea Klevesahl

Chelsea Klevesahl

Co-founder, COO

Delis are a microcosm of the world, because who doesn’t love a freshly wrapped sandwich? And who wouldn’t want to sample some olives or cheese? 

And who doesn’t love getting a number letting them know exactly when their order is ready?

As consumers, we’re trained—if not conditioned—to expect information about when something will occur. We’re told when our packages will arrive, when our meals will be delivered, that our haircut is scheduled and the bus is three stops away.

The need for Time Transparency™

That certainty—knowing exactly where you are in the queue—is what we call Time TransparencyTM. Up until now, it’s been lacking in healthcare settings, leaving us held hostage when we’re at our most vulnerable.

Nothing strips a person of their humanity faster than being trapped in the fog of knowing something’s wrong, and having to wait until someone can finally tell them what’s going on. Test results, diagnoses, treatment plans. These are life-altering—and sometimes shattering—moments that deserve everyone’s full attention. 

Family members of loved ones in the hospital are afraid to get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom in case they miss the opportunity to meet with the doctor during rounds. And that’s just the families who are able to be at the bedside in the first place. Many can’t afford to be there all day waiting for rounds, or may not live in the same city as their loved one. 

Ultimately, hospitals are waiting rooms,too. While it may start with waiting around for rounds, the side effects go deeper than that. Wasting time and money. Inefficient scheduling and care team frustrations. Missed connections. Decreased levels of care, and unnecessary emotional stress and feelings of helplessness put on patients, families and providers.

Taking the waiting around out of rounds

Q-rounds is reimagining the rounding experience with a virtual rounding queue that sends real-time notifications of when to arrive at rounds, ensuring the entire care team, patient and family members are present. And for families who can’t be there, they can RSVP to join rounds virtually the moment the doctor enters their loved one’s room. Introducing Time Transparency™ to rounding lets everyone plan ahead, taking stress off patients and their families, and lets providers and administrators more efficiently manage their day.

Because healthcare works best when everyone works in sync.