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Revolutionizing Patient Experience in Pediatrics with Q-rounds

Mike Pitt, M.D.

Mike Pitt, M.D.

Co-founder, CEO

Patients are first and foremost people. How they feel about their provider, the care they received from them and the environment it happens in are driving forces in ensuring a high quality healthcare experience. Hospitals with high patient-reported satisfaction scores also tend to exhibit higher profitability, which allows them to secure the necessary resources to continue providing exceptional care.

In the high-stress, high-tension environment of pediatrics, the Q-rounds virtual rounding queue app can improve family attendance at rounds and enhance care team collaboration, contributing toward less burnout and more satisfied patients.

Prioritizing family involvement

Given the age of pediatric patients, their family members are essential allies when it comes to communicating their needs and requests. Their presence at rounds is essential, helping both put the patient at ease, as well as sharing relevant information the patient might not be able to communicate themselves. Most importantly, parental consent is a necessary part of implementing a care plan, so when they’re not present, care can be delayed.

64% of families felt that their doctor was more compassionate after interacting with them during rounds.

Q-rounds makes it easier for families to schedule their day around rounds, because they receive real-time notifications letting them know when rounds are taking place or if there’s any change in the doctor’s schedule. Over time, this builds trust between healthcare providers and families, allowing them to establish an ongoing relationship.

Communicating more effectively

Think back to one of your most confusing healthcare interactions. Now imagine how much less you would have understood if you had been ten years old—or less than five—at the time. That’s why it’s important to avoid medical jargon when communicating with children and their families. Not only can it help put them more at ease and make them feel more comfortable, it can lead to more constructive conversations.

57% of the time, care teams learned new and pertinent information about their patients when families were present at rounds.

Q-rounds improves communication among patients, their families and care teams by making sure everyone is present at rounds, whether it’s providing notifications for in-person rounds or giving families the option to attend virtually. Q-rounds also removes language barriers by helping confirm interpreter services will be provided.

Engaging nurses and specialists

Nurses are experts who can help explain health plans and procedures, as well as  answer questions and advocate on behalf of patients and their families. Nowhere is this more evident than in pediatric nursing, where nurses often interact more frequently with patients on a day-to-day basis. 

215% increase in nurse presence for the entirety of rounds after using Q-rounds

That consistency—tracking day-to-day changes both during and outside of rounds—is a vital part of pediatric care. Even the slightest change in status can speak magnitudes when it comes to a pediatric patient’s overall health and wellbeing. This highlights the need for nurses, physicians and even specialists to remain informed, and have the ability to collaborate together, in determining care plans.

38% reduction in medical errors when nurses are present

Q-rounds responds to all of these challenges by keeping nurses and specialists informed via notifications about when in-person rounds are beginning, as well as making it possible for specialists to attend rounds in-person or virtually. This flexibility means specialists have the option to do more consultations during the day, since it reduces travel time or allows them to see patients they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to interact with.

Rounding it up

In pediatrics, patient satisfaction is ultimately about identifying an issue, treating it as quickly as possible, and helping patients and their families move on with their lives.

Q-rounds was founded on the understanding that multidisciplinary family-centered rounds have the power to improve the patient experience and enhance care teams’ ability to collaborate in providing top-notch care. Our real-time schedules, ability to RSVP to rounds, SMS text messages, alert notifications and virtual attendance option empower patients, families, nurses, physicians and specialists to both be present and plan their day around rounds.

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